Whistleblower Claims

The broad case category often referred to as “whistleblower” cases actually encompasses many different types of claims under (1) federal law: the False Claims Act, allowing qui tam actions for a bounty or reward for reporting fraud on the U.S. government; (2) state law: the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act’s anti-retaliation, anti-discrimination and wrongful discharge provisions, protecting those who make claims for workers’ comp, or who help others with comp claims; and (3) local law: anti-retaliation, anti-discrimination and wrongful discharge protections, shielding local government employees for reporting wrongdoing. Shockingly, some such laws have very short deadlines, requiring quick legal action – as little as a matter of days, in some instances. Therefore, seeking competent legal help very early on becomes extremely important to preserve a worker’s rights.

Though sometimes the worker is fired outright, more often the employer simply “runs off” the worker by making life miserable – a “constructive discharge” for which the worker still may file a claim under certain circumstances. Only an aggressive, smart and strong attorney-advocate, who deeply knows whistleblower law in Texas and how to prove the client’s case and then access a fair judge and jury for that client, can ensure that these tough, hard-fought cases are prepared expeditiously, intelligently and properly.

“For decades and with tremendous success, I, Virgil Yanta, and my Yanta Law Firm have assisted whistleblowers and wrongfully fired workers from many geographic areas. I take pride in being the proverbial “David versus Goliath,” always fighting for “the little guy.” And, I myself personally will handle your legal matter; thus, you will benefit directly from my well-known reputation for aggressive, competent and zealous legal representation, and can expect the best possible outcome with me there for you. I have been Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1987, and have decades of experience in successfully recovering huge settlements and verdicts for many deserving victims of corporate greed in many forms.

“Though a majority of such clients were from South Texas – San Antonio, Laredo, Corpus Christi, Eagle Pass, Crystal City, Del Rio, Alice, San Diego, Hebbronville, McAllen, Edinburg, Brownsville, Harlingen, Rio Grande City, Roma and the entire Rio Grande Valley – my services are available to anyone, anywhere – if justice requires. I’ve been there before; let me show you how the Yanta Law Firm and I can be there for you – and help you and your family replace the lost income, cover the mounting bills and generally rebuild the lives left shattered by this unwarranted injustice. You deserve the full justice and secure future that I’ll fight to get you.”

If you or a loved one have become the victim of corporate greed for being a whistleblower, exercising your rights or otherwise, please contact the Yanta Law Firm online or toll-free (1-800-313-2555 or 1-866-IS-YANTA) to set up free 1st and 2nd consultations to discuss all of your legal and other options.

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