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In Texas, small businesses victimized by fraud, unfair competition, unfair practices, trade disparagement or commercial defamation, antitrust violations, and other so-called business torts often suffer tremendous legal damages — so much so that they can be driven out of business. Not only do business owners seldom know all their legal rights, but also their commercial attorneys often fail to recognize the legal remedies available to redress the wrongs done to their clients. For example, the federal law known as the Lanham Act provides important legal rights and remedies available to many victims of unfair or unscrupulous business practices; yet, many commercial attorneys never even have heard of that effective remedial statute. Surely small businesses, the backbone of the Texas economy, deserve to have their rights enforced as aggressively as do individuals.

Essential to the victimized business is a strong advocate, a fair jury, and our justice system. Damages that a Texas jury can award to make the business “whole” — called “compensatory damages” — are the law’s attempt to return the victimized business to its previous status or situation. Most common among those are damages for lost profits, or loss of the benefit of the bargain. Depending on the specific facts of the business tort involved, damages of many other varieties also may be recovered from the jury.

In order to recover all those components and win full and fair damages, legal counsel with unmatched skill, experience and resources is essential. Among other things, not only must that attorney find, gather and present to the jury as much persuasive evidence as possible to win every penny owed, but also he must do it right the first time: you see, contrary to popular belief, in all but the rarest of cases there can be only one trial. Thus, it goes without saying that choosing the right attorney early on is a crucial business decision.

In Texas, no attorney is a stronger advocate for his client than Virgil Yanta of the Yanta Law Firm. Whether you are in San Antonio, Laredo, Eagle Pass, Crystal City, Del Rio, McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville, other Rio Grande Valley towns, or anywhere else in South or Central Texas, life-shattering business disputes require serious help from a trusted professional. South Texas business disputes lawyer Virgil Yanta has been Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1987, with decades of experience in successfully recovering millions for countless satisfied clients. An expert at rebuilding shattered lives, Virgil Yanta has been there before, understands your immediate needs, and will work quickly to get full justice for you and your business.

If you or your business has been the victim of a business tort, please contact Virgil Yanta online or toll-free (1-800-313-2555 or 1-866-IS-YANTA) to set up a free first consultation to discuss all your legal options.

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