Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) accidents are said to have grown to epidemic proportions in America. Often resulting from a “closed head injury” in which the skull bone itself is not broken or even cracked, these nevertheless can cause serious, disabling and – most worrisome – unrecognized and untreated symptoms and disability. In fact, TBI and other brain damage is said to plague over a million Americans each year.

Contrary to popular belief, even without any loss of consciousness there still can be some degree of brain damage and resulting disruption of normal brain function to the traumatic brain injury accident victim. All too often the head injury victim’s symptoms and problems – like difficulty concentrating, mood swings, or personality changes – end up being blamed on totally unrelated causes, or even suspected of being imagined or exaggerated; therefore, the actual cause goes undetected and thus untreated. Meanwhile, the victim misses work, and has a dire need to replace lost income while finding a way to pay mounting medical bills.

Since early detection and early medical treatment are essential to increasing the odds of successful healing and rehabilitation in TBI cases, giving our EMT’s, emergency room nurses and ER doctors better access to CT or CAT scanners and other equipment, to enhanced TBI training, and to resources like the Brain Injury Association of America ought to be a goal of local governments everywhere. 

Until that happens, this “silent epidemic” of brain damage from closed head injuries and other accidents will continue to plague families throughout all of South Texas – San Antonio, Laredo, Corpus Christi, Eagle Pass, Crystal City, Del Rio, Alice, San Diego, McAllen, Edinburg, Brownsville, Harlingen, the Rio Grande Valley, Rio Grande City, Roma, or elsewhere. As a result, hundreds of victims and their families may be left feeling helpless, misunderstood and totally neglected by our medical and legal systems.

For decades, I, Virgil Yanta, have spent decades as a Texas brain injury lawyer.  Yanta Law Firm has very successfully assisted families of brain-damaged victims of traumatic brain injury accidents resulting from closed head injuries and from all other causes: car, truck, and other auto accidents, wrecks and crashes; oilfield accidents; construction site falls; and falls on other dangerous surfaces. Since 1987, I have been Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and have decades of experience in successfully recovering huge settlements for deserving victims of traumatic brain injury, closed head injury, or other brain damage accidents. We’ve been there before; let me show you how the Yanta Law Firm and I can be there for you – and help you and your family replace the lost income, cover the many bills and generally rebuild the lives left shattered by this often-misunderstood, frequently overlooked but still-devastating disabler. You deserve the full justice and secure future we’ll fight to get for you.”

If a traumatic brain injury, closed head injury, or other brain damage injury has touched the life of a loved one, please contact the Yanta Law Firm online or toll-free (1-800-313-2555 or 1-866-IS-YANTA) to set up a free 1stand 2nd consultations to discuss all of your legal, medical and other options

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