Probate, Wills, and Estates Law in Texas

We tell our clients all the time that our firm understands that the last thing anyone wants to think about when contemplating what happens when they or a loved one passes, or enters their twilight years, is contacting a lawyer.

However, in most situations, a will, trust, power of attorney, advance directive, and other estate planning documents are the most important papers a person will ever sign, and often an attorney is necessary to do it right.  Rest assured that we at the Yanta Law Firm take great pride in helping with the steps in that legal process in a sensitive, compassionate, patient and personal way.

Black’s Law Dictionary (10th Edition) defines “probate” as the judicial procedure by which a testamentary document is established to be a valid will, and is the proving of a will to the satisfaction of the courts.  Unless the probate of a will is set aside, a will’s probate is conclusive on the parties to the probate proceedings on all questions of testamentary capacity, the absence of fraud or undue influence, and due execution of the will.  But a will’s probate does not prevent an inquiry into the validity of the will’s provisions or on their proper interpretation or legal effect.  This is why an experienced attorney with an extensive knowledge of the courts can make all the difference in a world — especially when the will is challenged.

Additionally, this is why a careful, thorough, and knowledgeable attorney is necessary for drafting your will in the first place — to help ensure that your will, power of attorney, advance directive, and other estate documents are ironclad, leaving no stones unturned or loose ends.

This is where the attorneys at Yanta Law Firm come in.  With Virgil Yanta’s 36 years of courtroom experience, he has built a reputation as a fierce courtroom advocate, and stands ready to fight for his clients at a moment’s notice, wherever they need him.

And even if you’re at the early planning stages where you’d like a consultation for drafting a will, medical power of attorney, power of attorney, or advance directive, then highly rated Super Lawyer Rising Star associate attorney Virgil Yanta Jr. is ready to help you navigate through that drafting process, step-by-step and one-on-one, every step of the way.

Whether you’re in the midst of a will, codicil, trust or other fiduciary dispute, or even in the early stages of drafting, Yanta Law Firm is ready and able to help address your legal questions and needs.  Call us today.

Whether you have a loved one who has recently died and you would like to know what comes next in the estate managing process, or you need to provide for the future by preparing for what happens to your estate when you die or become incapacitated, please contact the Yanta Law Firm online, toll-free (1-800-313-2555) or locally (210-222-2555) to set up a free consultation to discuss all of your legal, economic and other options.

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