Child Products & Toys

The recent increase in recalls of dangerous children’s products underscores the need not only for better enforcement of existing consumer laws regarding defective products and products liability accidents, but also for increasing and improving the protection our legal system is supposed to afford our most precious, yet our most vulnerable, consumers – our children. Every year, tens of thousands of youngsters needlessly fall victim to dangerous child toy defects, defective products, and products liability accidents that never should have happened. And, since tight budgets have crippled our government’s ability to regulate adequately the products that continue to harm our children, lawsuits for products liability accidents now, more than ever, in effect must be used to enforce those safety laws and standards which do exist.

Generally, those products liability cases fall into three broad categories of claims: (1) defective design accidents, (2) defective manufacture accidents, or (3) defective marketing accidents – also known as “inadequate warnings accidents.” Whether involving a child’s seatbelt failure, a bicycle defect accident, a safety helmet failure, a toy-related accident or other defective children’s product, in general the law requires proof that the defect existed when the product was sold or otherwise put into what the law calls the “stream of commerce” by its seller, distributor, lessor or other conduit. Once that is proved in court, a jury is authorized to award money compensation as reparation or reimbursement, called “legal damages,” for such things as past and future (1) medical care, (2) impairment or incapacity, (3) physical pain and suffering and (4) mental anguish, to name a few.

To recover all of those components and win full legal damages, it takes legal counsel with unmatched skill, experience, and resources. Not only must that attorney find, gather and present to the jury as much persuasive evidence as possible to win every penny owed, but also he must do it right the first time: contrary to popular belief, there can be only one trial in all but the rarest of cases. Thus, choosing the right attorney early on becomes absolutely crucial.

“For decades and with tremendous success, I, Virgil Yanta, and my Yanta Law Firm, have been called on to assist numerous families of children who became victims of products liability accidents. Because I myself personally will handle your legal matter, you will benefit directly from my well-known reputation for aggressive, competent and zealous client representation, and can expect the best possible result with me at your side. Since 1987, I have been Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and have decades of experience in successfully recovering huge settlements and verdicts for many deserving victims of such catastrophic accidents, injuries and disabilities.

“Though a majority of clients in these cases were from South Texas – San Antonio, Laredo, Corpus Christi, Eagle Pass, Crystal City, Del Rio, Alice, San Diego, Hebbronville, McAllen, Edinburg, Brownsville, Harlingen, Rio Grande City, Roma and the entire Rio Grande Valley – my services are available to anyone, anywhere that justice dictates me to go. I’ve been there before; let me show you how the Yanta Law Firm and I can be there for you – and help you and your family deal with the mounting bills and generally rebuild the lives left shattered by this unnecessary, preventable but devastating tragedy. You deserve the full justice and secure future well-being that I’ll fight to get you.”

If your child has fallen victim to a products liability accident, or if a defective or dangerous product has touched the life of you or a loved one, please contact the Yanta Law Firm online or toll-free (1-800-313-2555 or 1-866-IS-YANTA) to set up free 1st and 2nd consultations to discuss all of your legal, medical and other options.

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