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Personal Injuries

Accident and personal injury victims already face enough obstacles, challenges and problems: pain, suffering, disability, mental anguish causing family tensions and stress, income loss, and huge medical bills, to name a few. Why add yet another hassle – having to travel to a lawyer’s office?  To remove that added burden, attorney Virgil Yanta travels to his clients – wherever they need him.

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Pipeline Condemnation

All throughout the state, landowners are being approached by oil and water pipeline installers. If you’ve been approached by a pipeline company that wants to survey, appraise, and purchase an easement through your property, call Virgil Yanta of the Yanta Law Firm before you let these companies do anything; your land may be worth much more than what the companies value it.

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Business Disputes

In Texas, small businesses victimized by fraud, unfair competition, unfair practices, trade disparagement or commercial defamation, antitrust violations, and other so-called business torts often suffer tremendous legal damages — so much so that they can be driven out of business. No attorney is a stronger advocate for his client, or more versatile, than Virgil Yanta of the Yanta Law Firm.

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Defective Products

Products liability accidents from defective products, dangerous products and goods, and food poisoning or contaminated foodstuffs can be divided into cases of (1) defective design, (2) defective manufacture or (3) defective marketing or inadequate warnings.  Experienced attorney Virgil Yanta personally handles each of his client’s legal matters – and travels to his clients for their convenience.

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Life-shattering problems require serious help from a trusted professional. By aggressively battling for his clients as a competent, conscientious yet caring Board Certified (in Personal Injury Trial Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization) lawyer, with decades of varied experience gained all over the map, attorney and counselor Virgil Yanta has earned the trust of untold numbers of victims and their loved ones — many in their darkest hour.

Feeling helpless and facing hopeless odds as the underdog or “little guy” against the system, they needed a fighter — and depended on the Yanta Law Firm to battle the huge, powerful firms and insurance money machines, and to win them real justice in the end.

I believe not only that the lawyer always should be there for the client, but also that convenience for the client is critical to guaranteeing access to justice. In fact, I became a licensed pilot exactly for that reason — and now fly myself to my clients and wherever their needs take me: you see, justice also belongs to those who may find travel to a distant office inconvenient, if not impossible.

That personal touch also explains why I accept only very few cases at a time; that way, I myself can and do actually handle each individual legal matter entrusted to me by each client.

Please allow us at the Yanta Law Firm to show you how we can earn your trust, and escort you and your loved ones safely down that complex, costly and confusing path to true justice under the law: After all, you and yours deserve the very best. Let us be there for you.
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